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For over 30 years, Menarini has been driving research and development to deliver innovative and effective medicines and healthcare solutions for patients affected by serious health conditions.

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The healthcare sector in Asia Pacific is rapidly growing. As part of the world’s leading Italian biopharmaceutical company, Menarini AP has a strong presence in 13 key markets across the region.

As a partner of choice for numerous global healthcare companies, we engage in the entire pharmaceutical development lifecycle to tap growth opportunities and grow their brand footprint. In doing so, we also support healthcare professionals and patients with quality medical products and technology to raise standards and invigorate lives for tomorrow.

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Laboratory Diagnostics

Laboratory Diagnostics

Our broad range of innovative solutions supports laboratories by facilitating the decentralisation of samples testing, while addressing laboratory needs for infectious diseases routines and meeting the needs of core and anatomo-pathology laboratories.


Hb NEXT is the new reversed-phase cation exchange HPLC analyzer designed to deliver precise and accurate HbA1c values in the presence of the main hemoglobin variants and to meet the most stringent guidelines for diabetes diagnosis and monitoring.

The reliable results are traceable to the IFCC reference method.

This cutting-edge, fully automated system combines HPLC precision and variant detection with the rapid throughput your laboratory needs.

Hb NEXT offers high performance, user-friendly steps, and no sample preparation. 

Most importantly, it delivers results clinicians can trust. 


LINX DUO meets the clinical demand for quick, reliable results when and where they are needed.


LINX EVO delivers accurate results for greater clinical confidence.


UNAMAX is the new A. Menarini Diagnostics urine chemistry analyser that offers a fully automated approach, maximum productivity and improved analytical performance. UNAMAX can evaluate up to 14 chemical parameters, including ascorbic acid, creatinine, microalbumin, and calcium, as well as 3 physical parameters using the physical module, to deliver high-quality, accurate results. UNAMAX has a throughput of 360 samples/hour and has an easy-to-use 10.4-inch color touchscreen that displays the real strip image for review. The system is equipped with automatic RFID rack recognition for better sample traceability. The constant temperature control ensures the best reaction environment and avoids temperature interference.


UNAMAX LITE is the new A. Menarini Diagnostics semi-automated chemistry analyser designed for medium-sized laboratories. The instrument can analyse up to six different types of strips and determine parameters like ascorbic acid, creatinine, microalbumin and calcium. It can also calculate the albumin-to-creatinine ratio to identify kidney disease. The advanced contact image sensors (CIS) system with five wavelengths ensures high accuracy, efficiency and trustworthy results.





UNAMAX ONE is the new A. Menarini Diagnostics compact and portable urine chemistry analyser that is especially designed as a point-of-care solution for the doctor’s office, emergency room and smaller laboratories. Three different types of strips can be tested on UNAMAX ONE and special parameters like ascorbic acid, creatinine, microalbumin and calcium can be determined. The analyser can also calculate the albumin-to-creatinine ratio to identify kidney disease. UNAMAX ONE is an easy and flexible solution to ensure accurate results.


UC-MAX is the new A.Menarini Diagnostics urine chemistry analyser that offers a fully automated approach, high throughput results and improved analytical performance. UC-MAX can evaluate 10 chemical parameters using Lab-Strip U11 Plus GL test strips and three physical parameters using the PMC module, delivering accurate, standardised results. The system provides ease of operation with a color touch-screen, sample mixing capabilities and precise dosing for each test pad using the pipetting unit. A patented detection technique and intelligent data management provide maximum efficiency while making urinalysis simple.


sediMAX conTRUST PRO is the new urine sediment analyser of the sediMAX series by A.Menarini Diagnostics, offering a fully automated approach for the preparation and evaluation of urine samples. sediMAX conTRUST PRO combines bright field and phase contrast microscopy to capture high quality images in one optical system, leading to accurate results. The built-in digital camera takes and saves both BF and PC images with a dual focusing technique. Fifteen different images are acquired for each sample using both methods and evaluated by a neural network.


sediMAX LITE is a professional semi-automated urine microscopy analyser which improves accuracy, reproducibility, safety and productivity in laboratories, by producing whole field microscopic images of urine sediment and automatically classifying and counting urine sediment particles in the images. sediMAX LITE utilises the traditional gold standard method while eliminating the most time-consuming and operator-dependent laboratory procedures of manual microscopy. It can also serve as a backup instrument for automated sediment analysers.

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We seek to provide healthcare professionals with the best possible solutions for their diagnostics needs and improve patients’ prognoses and quality of life.