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Invigorating Lives
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Menarini is the largest Italian multinational biopharmaceutical company with over 16,000 employees worldwide and presence in more than 100 countries, including Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Central and Latin America.

Founded in 1886, Menarini markets products in key therapeutic fields including respiratory, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, metabolism, antibiotics, diabetes, anti-inflammatories and analgesics.

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Fungal nail infection (Onychomycosis) is considered as the most common nail problem. Nails become discolored, thickened and cracked making them fragile and lusterless. Topical products are clinically proven to treat nail fungus. The no filing and easy to use nail care brands of A. Menarini aid in the treatment of fungal nail infection by improving the appearance of discolored, thickened, and cracked nails and by increasing hydration to keep nails in good condition. A. Menarini's Nail Care portfolio is a market leader in Asia Pacific with brands already available in 7 countries and 3 more countries in Q1 2016.

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Menarini: Top Ten Most "Patient Friendly" Companies

An independent Corporate Reputation Survey of Pharma Companies, including 800 patient groups in 43 countries worldwide, ranked Menarini amongst the world's top ten Pharmaceutical companies closest to patients' needs.

Please refer to the News Corner for the full information about the survey.

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Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Quote Icon As Menarini Asia-Pacific expands rapidly, demonstrating ethical leadership is a key priority. We strive to have employees who are proud to work for us and whom customers and partners want to do business with.
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    Smile for Good 50 is a fundraising campaign initiated by employees in regional office to support our regional preferred charity Smile Asia.

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    Menarini Taiwan supports Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation via charity sales.

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    Menarini China help Operation Smile by participating in medical missions and supporting surgeon's trainings.

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    A campaign aim to raise funds for Smile Asia by purchasing cakes that were specially baked for this worthy cause.

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    Collaborated with Phoenix Clubhouse to help members of the Clubhouse through Care Program.

Latest Updates
  • Licensing Agreement to Commercialize SPEDRA™ in 10 Asia-Pacific countries

    Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporate (MTPC) and Menarini Asia-Pacific have entered into a licensing agreement to commercialize and promote Menarini SPEDRA™ in 10 countries in Asia-Pacific, including: China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. SPEDRA™ (avanafil) is a new and innovative phosphodiesterase – 5 inhibitor (PDE5-i) approved by the European Commission in June 2013 for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. For more information, please refer to the Press Release.

  • Paediatric Network Against Ill-Treatment of Minors

    The project "Paediatric network against ill-treatment of minors" was launched by Menarini in May this year . In this special project, Menarini is supported by Telefono Azzurro, the Italian Federation of Paediatricians, and the Association of Italian Paediatric Hospital to help build the network of paediatricians to fight against child abuse. The project was recently presented to more than 500 paediatricians attended the International Congress of the Albanian Pediatric Society in Tirana and received overwhelming responses from the congress attendees. For more information, please refer to the Press Release.

  • Menarini Group: 250 new employees in 10 months

    Menarini pharmaceuticals demonstrates a positive trend in the first 10 months of 2016, with 250 new employees in Italy and 230 around the world. The average age of the new employees is 29. The new hires are 60% male and 40% female and all of them are highly qualified with degrees or technical diplomas, and they join a total of over 16,000 staff in 130 countries around the world. For more information, please refer to the Press Release.