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Menarini is the largest Italian multinational biopharmaceutical company with over 17,000 employees worldwide and presence in more than 130 countries, including Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Central and Latin America.

Founded in 1886, Menarini markets products in key therapeutic fields including respiratory, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, metabolism, antibiotics, diabetes, anti-inflammatories and analgesics.

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Menarini has a long tradition to promote Italy's strong culture heritage for more than 60 years.  A new section "Pills of Art", an area dedicated to the art word has been added to the Menarini corporate website. 



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Menarini: Top Ten Most "Patient Friendly" Companies

An independent Corporate Reputation Survey of Pharma Companies, including 800 patient groups in 43 countries worldwide, ranked Menarini amongst the world's top ten Pharmaceutical companies closest to patients' needs.

Please refer to the News Corner for the full information about the survey.

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Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Quote Icon As Menarini Asia-Pacific expands rapidly, demonstrating ethical leadership is a key priority. We strive to have employees who are proud to work for us and whom customers and partners want to do business with.
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    Smile for Good 50 is a fundraising campaign initiated by employees in regional office to support our regional preferred charity Smile Asia.

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    Menarini Taiwan supports Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation via charity sales.

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    Menarini China help Operation Smile by participating in medical missions and supporting surgeon's trainings.

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    A campaign aim to raise funds for Smile Asia by purchasing cakes that were specially baked for this worthy cause.

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    Collaborated with Phoenix Clubhouse to help members of the Clubhouse through Care Program.

Latest Updates
  • Menarini and Orion Sign Regional Partnerships in Asia-Pacific

    Menarini Asia-Pacific and Orion Corporation have signed a multi-year licensing agreement for Menarini Asia-Pacific to distribute and commercialize several of Orion's Easyhaler® products in 10 countries in Asia-Pacific region, including China, HK, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea. Orion's proprietary dry-powder inhaler Easyhaler® is used for administering medication for the treatment of asthma and COPD. For more information, please refer to the Press Release.

  • Daiichi Sankyo and Menarini Enter into Exclusive Licensing Agreement for Commercializing Lixiana in Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore

    Menarini Asia-Pacific and Daiichi Sankyo signed a multi-year exclusive licensing agreement for Menarini Asia-Pacific to assume the sales, marketing and distribution of Lixiana in in Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore from March 2018. For more information, please refer to the Press Release.

  • Italian CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Has New Technology for Fighting Crime

    Menarini Silicon Biosystem's DEPArray tehnology has been applied in studies with 100% success rate to identify biological samples (blood, saliva and semen) with the corresponding genetic profiles. Thanks to the collaboration between the Italian Police's CSI department and Menarini, this new scientific application is destined to change the world of forensic science. This development has also been published in the journal "Forensic Science International." For more information, please refer to the Press Release.

  • Menarini Hires Their 17,000th Employee

    The 17,000th employee in Menarini is Lara, 28 years old, a young graduate in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Florence, who is now employed in Menarini Ricerche. For more information, please refer to the Press Release.

  • Menarini Announces New Governance

    Pharmaceutical group Menarini, headed by the Aleotti family, has decided to entrust the Chairmanship of the company to an external manager coming from a large multinational, Dr. Eric Cornut. The new chairmanship will come into effect as of June. For more information, please refer to the Press Release.

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International Menarini Foundation

Among other philanthropic activities, the International Menarini Foundation organizes international congresses free of charge - over 370 conferences worldwide to date, addressing innovative scientific issues and topics of specific interest, hosting Nobel Prize laureates and always being committed to spread the highest science education around the world.  Other top-notch scientific educational activities include Training Workshops, CME/EBAC/EACCME Accredited Training Courses, e-library Multimedia Material and Distance-Learning Events.

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