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Consumer Healthcare

Our portfolio of high-quality consumer healthcare products, ranging from soothing of sore throats to scar removal, helps address local patient needs in the Asia-Pacific region. We stay committed to meeting the unmet healthcare needs of consumers like you, to improve lives and for people to enjoy life to the fullest.

Hypertrophic Scar

Dermatix® Ultra's clinically-proven silicone based formulation that combines the flattening and softening effects of CPX (cyclopentasiloxane) with the skin lightening effects of Vitamin C Ester to achieve category-leading scar reduction. It significantly improve the appearance of immature and new scars, and reduces scarring following surgery, burns and other injuries. It is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and specialists to effectively reduce surgical scars. Unlike regular silicone gels that feel greasy and wash off easily, the high-grade skin conditioning agent of Dermatix® Ultra has quick drying properties, leaving a silky clean feel, it is resistant to washing off. Find out more at https://www.dermatix.asia/.


A silicone gel based scar removal solution prepared using innovative CX5 technology which lightens, softens and flattens your scars. The vitamin C provides protection against harmful rays thus allowing scars to heal over time. You will get a non-greasy soft and silky feel after every use. With regular usage your common scars soften over time.  Find out more at https://www.dermatix.asia/.


Clinically proven to soften and flatten raise scars, fade red or dark scars, relieve the itching and discomfort of scars. Find out more at https://www.dermatix.asia/.

Acne Scar

Dermatix Acne Scar is a topical gel treatment that contains an effective mix of skin-healing ingredients to visibly improve acne scar appearance. The unique formula combines with Dermatix CPX silicone gel, antioxidant ingredients & ActivGCS beauty enhancers to help lighten post-acne skin marks and dark spots. The gel moisturises, is easily absorbed and has a priming effect on the skin without feeling sticky. Find out more at https://www.dermatix.asia/.


Emtrix® promotes the healing of discoloured and deformed nails arising from fungal infection or psoriasis. By softening and smoothening the outer layers of the nail plate, Emtrix® creates an antagonistic microenvironment for microorganisms and improves nail surface integrity to help discourage the growth of fungi and bacteria. First signs of improvement are normally seen after 2-4 weeks of treatment.

Fultrix® cream is the cream with Terbinafine ingredient to treat Tinea Pedia (Athlete’s foot).


Fulcare® cream is the cream with Terbinafine ingredient to treat Tinea Pedia (Athlete’s foot), special with applicator to apply on the infected area without using hands.

Fulcare® is a nail lacquer specially formulated with ONY-tec, a patented technology for the treatment of nail fungus. The active ingredient ciclopirox penetrates the nail to destroy the fungi causing infection. When applied, nail filing is not required.

Rejuvenail is a specially developed nail lacquer for the treatment of fungal infections of toenails and fingernails. The active ingredient ciclopirox penetrates the nail to prevent the development of infection by destroying the fungi at the fungal infection site.


Kamillosan® M Spray Solution combines the anti-inflammatory, deodorizing effect, and accelerates wound-healing properties of chamomile with the bacteriostatic and fungistatic effects of essential oils to soothe and relieve sore throats.

Sinupret is a herbal therapeutic agent against acute and chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, and is available in both syrup and tablet form.

Transpulmin Chest Rubs contain eucalyptus oil, camphor, sage oil and chamomile extract to reduce symptoms associated with flu.

NAC long® effervescent tablet contains N-Acetylcysteine which is a mucolytic agent and it is indicated for cough with phlegm and phlegm symptoms.

Quixx range contains a revolutionary cellulose powder barrier system, which shields and protects the sensitive lining of the nose. It provides natural protection in the fight against hay fever, airborne allergens, germs, viruses and pollution. It works preventatively even before symptoms start and has been clinically proven to help stop the onset of the reaction or shorten its duration.

Breacol is an expectorant indicated for symptomatic relief of coughs due to colds and upper respiratory tract infections. It relieves coughs and soothes irritated throat quickly and effectively via the loosening of thick phlegm and expelling of the mucus.


Prostamol® is a health supplement made from Serenoa Repens, clinically proven to promote prostate and urinary tract functions, thus maintaining a man's quality of life.

Seremind® contains Silexan®, a specially prepared and patented lavender oil that has been clinically tested to relieve symptoms of mild anxiety and nervous tension, and improve sleep quality.

Sustenium is a range of health supplements for adults and children, specially formulated to suit the unique needs of modern lifestyles.

ACTAL is a chewable tablet which is indicated for a wide array of gastrointestinal conditions such as pain and flatulence (wind) associated with gastric hyperacidity, heartburn of pregnancy, peptic ulcer, pyrosis (heartburn) and indigestion. It is formulated with the convenience of rapidly disintegrating tablets for speedy neutralisation of excess stomach acid.

* Please note that some brands may not be available in your market.


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