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Stemming from the desire to help people in Asia-Pacific feel better about themselves, we developed a range of aesthetics pharmaceutical products through rigorous world-class research and clinical trials. As innovative beauty solutions of tomorrow, they are aimed at enhancing your confidence, improve your general well-being and to empower you to live life to the fullest.


CALECIM® Professional skincare line consists of Serum, Multi-action Cream and Restorative Hydration Cream. All CALECIM® Professional products are formulated with the unique ingredient, Rejuvenating Conditioned Media that amplifies the skin’s natural restoration process, by calming, soothing and restoring the skin. Professional skincare can treat multiple signs of aging, by visibly improving skin fullness, addressing skin laxity, and restoring youthful radiance.


Definisse Threads / Happy Lift™ are a range of absorbable, monofilament, suspension-barbed threads of synthetic origin (poly-L-lactic acid and caprolactone, p(LA-CL)) that are used for tissue support. Range of threads consist of Double Needle, Free floating and Anchorage. Thread lifting reshapes our face, and reposition sagging tissues redefining facial contours in a minimal invasive procedure.


The Pigment Solution™ Program consists of Triple-Action Day Cream, Night Cream and Preparation Cleanser. It is a cosmetic treatment specifically formulated to reduce hyperpigmentation for an even skin tone. The triple-action Pigment Solution™ day cream works to promote cell renewal with Vitamin A, performs lightening action and inhibits the synthesis of new melanin with Kojic Acid, and moisturises and restructures the skin with Aquaxyl™ to protect it from external agents and promote the reduction of trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). The night cream treats with a double peeling effect that works both chemically and mechanically, formulated to even out pigmentation on the skin’s surface. The Preparation cleanser is formulated with a blend of soothing ingredients to gently cleanse and prepare the skin for the Pigment Solution™ program treatment. It does not contain alcohol, parabens, colorant and SLES.

* Please note that some brands may not be available in your market.


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